One of the most vital and important things in the corporate world is trust – trust among the employees, trust in the team and trust in the relationship boss – employees. All kinds of trust are extremely important in the company. Along with the trust comes also the respect for the employees and for the bosses. However, sometimes not all CEOs trust their employees enough or they are maybe convinced that they can the job best?

Although the trust is something that is not easily won, it certainly must be present in a team, especially in the corporate world. The employees should trust the CEO and the CEO should also trust his or her team. If this relationship is not built on trust, then after a while problems will occur.

The usual problem in the corporate world is to gain trust, especially as an employee. The CEOs are not popular because the employees can easily win their trust – quite the contrary – the CEOs think that they can do the job best and they are afraid to let others do or at least try to do the projects. And when the hectic and busy day of the CEOs is taking into account, the end result is that they cannot achieve everything alone.

It is more than important that the CEOs give chances to employees to finish the work or to take bigger responsibilities – this will positively affect not only the employees but also the CEOs. In this way, the CEO will learn how to trust others and how to let others prove that they are more than capable of doing the job and not only doing it but doing it in the right way.

Therefore the CEOs should give more chances to the employees and with that also more trust. Once the CEO learns how to trust other employees, it will no longer be a problem for him or her to let others take control. In this way, the CEO will help himself or herself, because he/she will get rid of one small part of the many obligations he/she has.

Thanks to the employees, the CEOs can learn many things and one of them is trusting others. Although they got the position thanks to their skills and experience there are also many another qualified employee who will not let them down.

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